How To Adopt Our Doodles

Bringing home a new “baby” is a big event!  We want to make your adoption process as fun and stress-free as possible! 
Once you’ve decided to include one of our Doodles in your family,  we’ve created ways that you can watch their progress from newborn to the day they go home. Pictures, videos, and live stream videos will be available each week!  You will be able to follow their growth from birth to adoption day!  Young children absolutely love this feature and it helps your family start the bonding process long before your puppy comes home.

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE finding amazing new families for our grand-pups! However, there are some environments that we do not want our pups adopted into. Our doodles are part of our family and we want every pup that leaves our home to find a forever, loving, family as well. Before adopting a puppy, make sure that you have the patience, time, and love to truly provide a good home.
Please do NOT adopt if :

  1. You work all day and plan to keep your Doodle in a cage or crate.
  2. You plan to keep your Doodle outside most of the time.
  3. You, or any member of your family, is abusive or may be abusive to a dog or any other animal.

These types of environments will cause a Doodle much stress, anxiety, and depression that will likely lead to behavior issues. Doodles are extremely loyal, smart, loving, social, dogs. They require a loving environment, activities that stimulate their brains, and interaction with you that creates and sustains a loving bond. They also require exercise.
The breeds that make up the genetics of a Goldendoodle and Labradoodle are all “action” breeds. This does not mean they are hyper dogs or that they need to run all day. It simply means that they thrive best in environments where they get regular exercise, games, training, or action of some type. However, taking them for a walk each day, providing different types of toys, and daily playtime with you, is often enough to keep a Doodle content.
Please be aware of this and be willing to provide the love and interaction that your new puppy will need throughout his or her life.


Steps To Adoption   

Please follow these steps to start the adoption process…

  1. Fill out the adoption application online. If not able to do this, you may print the application, fill it out, scan and email it back to us OR  mail it back to us. You will find the application on the Adoption Application page or by clicking this link:  APPLICATION
  2. Once your application is approved, you may come to see and choose your puppy in person OR select a puppy from the photos available on this website.
  3. Once you have selected a puppy, you must send a deposit via Paypal. This will hold that pup for you until your pup is ready to go home.
  4. Sign the puppy contract. This specifies that you will acquire vet care for your puppy, that you will spay or neuter the puppy, etc. All of our puppies are homed with a requirement to spay or neuter. Breeding is absolutely prohibited.
  5. Immediately notify us of the method you would like to utilize to bring your puppy home. This is either: pick up in-person, fly the pup to an airport within 100 miles of the home, or arrange other transportation. (In some cases, we may be able to bring the pup to you for an additional fee, depending on where you’re located) This should be decided well in advance of the “go-home” date.
  6. Pick up your puppy!

Breeding intelligent, beautiful, healthy, and loving  Goldendoodles and Labradoodles for lifelong companions.

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