What Is The Guardian Program?

We are not a kennel and we believe that the happiest, healthiest, and smartest dogs are those bred and reared with constant, loving, human contact- in a family environment. When we decided that we wanted to have a breeding program, we knew that meant limiting how many dogs we had in our own home but also adding bloodlines to the program that would improve the breed and produce the best possible pet for an individual or family. We created our Guardian program to fill that need, knowing that by placing our carefully chosen guys and gals in forever homes,  we improve the quality of their life AND the lives of the lucky family serving as doggy guardians.

A person or family that chooses to become a guardian for one of the pups in our breeding program, will receive a pick of the litter pup at minimal cost (Typically, $500 or less).
The guardian pup will be adopted by you and will stay with you their entire life. You will agree to care for the pup just as any caring and responsible pet owner would. Providing veterinary care, love, training, and socialization of the pup to keep it safe and as healthy as possible.
The only difference is that you also agree that we still have breeding rights to that pup for up to 4-5 litters of pups, if female, and 6 years of stud service for males. After that time, we will pay to have the dog spayed or neutered and he or she will become the sole property of the guardian family.

In exchange for that agreement, the guardian family will only pay a deposit to become a guardian, instead of the full adoption amount. That deposit will be refunded when the dog is officially retired from the program.
We will pay for all veterinary care relative to genetic testing and breeding. We provide the Guardian home with the same items that all new puppy owners receive.
Guardian owners also get the benefit of receiving their new puppy at age 12 –16 weeks. This is a benefit because the puppy will come to their home 90% potty trained, crate trained, and will have a good command of the basics (sit, stay, lay, down, off, leave it ) and will have a good start with leash walking.

Guardianship is an AWESOME alternative for qualified people/families who:
May not be able to afford to purchase a Doodle or Poodle
Want to have support and a sense of community while owning a Doodle
Are interested in being a part of a breeding program

We have provided additional information on the Guardian FAQ page and the Guardian Requirements pages.

ALL potential guardian homes must:
Be located within 50 miles of our home in North Port, FL, if you have a female. Other states are possible if you are guardian to a male.

Fill out an Application for Guardianship

Be willing to allow a home visit & periodic visits to your home or ours during the time in program


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