Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Guardianship Work?

Most of the pups available for Guardianship will be females but there may be one or two males that also require Guardians.

If you are applying for a Guardian Home puppy, she will come to you at 12-16 weeks of age. This gives Doodle Companions time to potty & crate train, and provide a good foundation of the basic commands. It also allows us to form a bond with the pup. This is necessary so that when the time comes for delivery, she will feel comfortable with us handling her and her new puppies.
During the first year, Doodle Companions will pay for her necessary vaccinations the first 4 months and will have her genetic health testing completed. Once we receive all of the results from her health testing, we are then able to access whether or not she will enter our breeding program. If for any reason, we decide not to breed the Guardian puppy placed with you, your deposit will be considered payment for the pup, we will pay to spay the Guardian puppy at no cost to you, and she will remain a forever family pet with her Guardian family.

Our females will begin breeding around 1 - 1 1/2 years old and our males will begin around 1 year old.
During the time you receive your puppy and the time breeding starts, we may require a visit to your home or our home every few months to continue building a trusting relationship with her and make sure she will be comfortable in our home when she comes to deliver her pups.

The Guardian family is required to learn the signs of a breeding (heat) cycle and be willing to communicate regularly to coordinate breeding once the female goes into heat. (We will help you determine the signs ahead of time). During this time, we will need access to her for breeding-related veterinary appointments. Once she has been bred, she will remain with her Guardian family until one week before her due date. At that time, the Guardian dog will come to stay with us throughout the remaining week of her pregnancy, delivery, and 5-6 weeks after her delivery.  She will be returned to the Guardian family once her pups are fully weaned. Guardians are welcome to schedule times to visit their Guardian Dog while she is on maternity leave.
Guardians will need to be comfortable dealing with the heat cycle of their female and willing to keep her protected from accidental and /or unwanted breeding with dogs outside of our program.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Guardian Home?

The benefits are endless!
First of all, a Guardian Family gets our pick of the litter puppy! Doodle Companions chooses our breeding males and females very carefully, based on genetics, personality, temperament, and intelligence.
Next, the pup that Guardians receive will be completely health tested at the expense of Doodle Companions.
In addition, this pick-of-the-litter pup will come to you almost 100% potty trained, crate trained, and with a very good grasp on the basic commands. Paying a trainer for this type of training would cost well over $2000!
Guardians also get to experience the excitement and joy of being part of our breeding program. They get to be included in a beautiful process and see the puppies (grandpups) of their own Guardian dog placed in loving homes all over the country (without the time, expense, and stress, that would be necessary to breed a family pet themselves).
Guardians also have support. There is always someone to call when they have questions about their 4-legged family member or just to share stories and experiences as she grows. This support will, hopefully, grow into a network of new friends (and doodle lovers) as the new puppies find their way to loving homes.
ALL of these benefits and a refundable deposit too!

Is There a Cost Involved to Be a Guardian Home?

Besides the initial $500 deposit, our Guardian home families are responsible for any general or routine veterinary care and wellness of the Guardian puppy/dog placed with them.  While Doodle Companions pays for vaccinations up to 4 months and all breeding-related vet expenses, the Guardian home is responsible for all other veterinary care that is needed. This means that vaccinations after the first 4 months, monthly heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, and any other vet expense that should arise, is the responsibility of the Guardian. Just as it would be with any other family pet.

What Are The Requirements to Become A Guardian Home?

To be considered as a Guardian home for one of our female breeding dogs, we prefer that you live within 60 miles of our home in North Port, FL. It is necessary that you are able to provide a safe and secure environment for the Guardian dog/puppy. This does not, necessarily mean, that you need a fenced in yard, but that would be preferable. It is a requirement that you own your own home and will not be leaving the pup alone for long periods of time. If you have a full time job and there will not be a responsible adult at home for at least half of that time, guardianship will not be possible. All dogs and pups placed in Guardian homes must live indoors and never be left outside unattended.These dogs are family and a valuable investment.  If a dog is lost or stolen from a Guardian home, the Guardian will be legally responsible for the full value of the dog and all expenses that have been incurred.
Guardians must have reliable transportation, and are required to take the pup to their veterinary visits and to bring her to our home when necessary.
Guardian homes may not have more than 2 other pets. Only one of those pets can be another dog. If the Guardian does have another dog, he /she must have been spayed or neutered before pup is allowed to go home with them.
Guardian's MUST have the dog groomed regularly. This includes baths, brushing, ear & nail care and keeping the Guardian dog's coat cut in the style(s) approved by Doodle Companions.
Guardian's MUST stay in touch with us during the dog's time in our breeding program. We will require regular updates and pictures of your Guardian dog. (We may pay to have professional photos taken as well).

How Many Litters Will A Guardian Female Produce?

The health and well being of our breeding dogs is a top priority for us.  Prior to any breeding, all Doodle Companion Guardian dogs will receive a health and reproductive clearance by our reproductive vet.  If all health clearances are met, it is likely that the Guardian dog will have 4-5 litters during their time with us. One litter every 12 -18 months.
It's rare, but not all females make good puppy moms. If that happens, she may be retired after one litter. If that occurs, full ownership would be turned over to the Guardian earlier than expected and the deposit would become a non-refundable fee paid for ownership of the dog, as is also the case in the event that the pup's genetic testing would not be a desirable match for our breeding plans.

Am I required to feed them specific food or supplements?

A big part of dog health is what they eat. While we don't require you to feed them the most expensive foods on the market, we will require you to feed them one of the foods from our approved list (whichever one he / she likes best). Dog food today is filled with toxic chemicals, GMO grains and protein sources that are just plain garbage. Giving her quality food helps keep her healthy, prevent damaging digestive issues and ensure that puppies are getting the best nutrients in her milk.
Supplements are on an "as needed" basis.

As a review, important requirements are listed below:

  • Must be willing to participate in the breeding program as outlined and directed by Doodle Companions.
  • Must be a homeowner.
  • Must have a fenced yard or way to keep the dog safe when outside.
  • Must not have more than 2 other pets in the home. (Only 1 other pet can be a dog)
  • Must not have an occupation that leaves the dog alone or without a responsible family member for more than 4 hours daily.
  • Stay in contact with Doodle Companions. Providing updates, photos and information regarding vet visits.
  • Take the pup to all necessary vet appointments when they are required.
  • Continuously use heartworm and flea/ tick prevention.
  • Register their microchip to both yourself and us.
  • Keep the dog groomed properly and free of matting. This includes: baths, brushing, ear and nail care, and coat cuts approved by Doodle Companions.
  • Keep the dog on a healthy diet by using approved dog food and treats. Do NOT give table scraps of any kind.
  • Make sure you have them licensed through your county.
  • Most importantly,  LOVE them and continue to help them grow up smart and healthy!



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