Breeder Requirements Guardian Requirements
1. Provide a healthy 12-16wk or older pup that is 90% potty trained and crate trained with basic obedience. 1. Provide a clean, healthy, loving, living environment for pup including food (breeder's choice), toys, and care for the pup. This includes vaccinations, vet fees and annual visits that are not for breeding purposes. Reinforce and/or continue training.
3. Provide informational support to Guardian home 3. Groom the dog, or have the dog professionally groomed, regularly. This includes bathing, combing or brushing, haircuts in the style(s) the breeder has agreed to. Do NOT allow hair matting.
4. Provide / compensate for all breeding-related veterinary expenses 4. Keep the breeder informed of pup's progress with training, behavior, etc. Notify breeder of any health issues or injuries so breeder can decide on best course of action.
5. Handle all elements of the breeding process 5. Bring the pup for visits to breeder occassionally.
6. Host the female at breeder home during whelping and weaning period 6. Allow access to the dog for breeding-related appointments
7. Have the female spayed once retired from breeding program. Have Male spayed at 6 years or retirement from program. 7. Bring female back into home after pups have been weaned. (Typically 8 weeks total time at breeders home)
8. Return deposit to Guardian home and sign over full ownership of the dog. 8. After male or female is released from the breeding program, simply continue to provide a loving forever home.

Breeding intelligent, beautiful, healthy, and lovingĀ  Goldendoodles and Labradoodles for lifelong companions.

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