Sophie & Sniper's Puppies Have Arrived!

(6) Females and (4) Males!
Born: Saturday, June 15th


These puppies will be very intelligent, trainable, and beautiful companions. Solid chocolate Doodles are one of the most popular colors and are in the top 3 rarest colors to find. Match the beautiful chocolate color with the pedigree these pups will have and you will have one of the healthiest, highest quality, and most coveted Labradoodle puppies you can find! Get on the wait list now. These little beauties will go fast!

If interested in a new Doodle Companion Puppy, please fill out an application to be approved and placed in the next position on the waiting list! 

Puppies are 3 weeks old in the pics below. Their hair is not the length or texture it is meant to be yet. As they grow, their hair will grow longer and will likely be a wavy, fleece-like texture by 4 months. 
I will update pics regularly!

Blue Boy

.This little one is smart as a whip and loves to sleep on the big cushions!

Red Boy

This is the little guy that all the other pups find and cuddle with.

Gray Boy

This little guy gives a big open mouthed grin every time he sees me for the first time and I say "Hello, little Gray".  Already knows to potty on the grass!


Orange Boy

Orange likes to solve puzzles. He is one of the instigators that taught the others how to get out of the whelping box!

Pink Girl

Pink is a little sweetheart and very patient. She loves to cuddle too!

Yellow Girl

Yellow has become the female authority. She will bark and nip at her siblings when they get out of line.

Aqua Girl

Aqua girl is the smallest girl but she doesn't know it. Jumps right into the fray with the rest of them and was the first one to get out of the box (once Orange showed her how)

White Girl

White girl is full of fun! She likes to charge at her siblings to scare them and then scampers away.

Purple Girl

Purple is one of our darkest chocolate girls and loves to investigate new things. Also likes to be held like a baby!

Green Girl

Miss Green is very laid back and likes to stay out of the fray...usually. When she does join in, she's a force to be reckoned with! She is also very intrigued by our Goldendoodle, Freya. She always seeks her out and tries to take swipes at her with her paw. So cute!

Breeding intelligent, beautiful, healthy, and loving  Goldendoodles and Labradoodles for lifelong companions.

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