Puppy "Go Home" Package

Not every person or family has the same needs when adopting a new puppy. Some people have the time and lifestyle necessary to train a new puppy, while others could use a bit of help. That's why Doodle Companions begins working with each pup at 4 days old.
When you adopt a Doodle Companions puppy, you are adopting a pup that is primed for training and will be potty-tray trained and crate trained on the day you take him or her home. This makes the transition to your home much easier and gives you a head-start on training your new puppy.

This is NOT something that is done by many breeders. We go the extra mile because we believe it's important to make sure every pup leaves our home with the best chance of success and a happy new life with you. 



When Puppy Goes Home...

We guarantee that your puppy will come home healthy and ready for training. Along with that guarantee, we also provide....

Access to Puppy Cam (available once deposit is made): Watch Your Puppy Grow and Develop From Birth to 8 Weeks
Puppy Goes Home at 8 Weeks Old
1st Set of Vaccinations and Wormings
Biosensor "Super Dog" Training Program and Socialization
Basic Foundation of Potty Training: Puppy Will Be Trained To Potty On Tray
Crate Training: Puppy Will Be Comfortable In A Crate At Night & Notifies To Potty
Health Guarantee
Puppy Pack: Immunization Record, Blanket, Toy, Sample of Current Dog food, Care and Training Info
Adoption Fee:  $1,800

Breeding intelligent, beautiful, healthy, and loving  Goldendoodles and Labradoodles for lifelong companions.

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